Looking for the #1 rated HVAC company in your area? You have found us—White Sands Cooling and Heating has been servicing the residents of Pensacola Beach since 1998 and continue to grow our customer base. Whether you need advice, or it is time to invest in a unit, we are happy to help you through every step of the process.

Our services include:

  • Heating and Cooling Repair—broken parts? We can help!
  • Heating and Cooling Maintenance—want to prevent future problems with your unit?? Maintenance programs are available!
  • HVAC Installation/Replacement—old units are not reliable. Let us quote you on a new one!
  • Indoor Air Quality—your air in your home may not be as clean as you think. There are many fixes to that!
  • Financing—worried about expenses? We offer financing programs to help you take the necessary steps now, not later.
  • And more!!—this isn’t all we offer! If you have a specific question about a problem you may have, give us a call and we can see if your expertise fits your need.

Our History in Pensacola Beach

Since the beginning, Pensacola Beach has given us loyal customers every year. We value our relationships with each customer and love to make new connections. White Sands Cooling and Heating is fully insured and licensed as an HVAC contractor in Pensacola Beach. In addition, we are State Certified Mechanical Contractors, meaning we can do HVAC work anywhere in Florida. This is the highest level you can achieve as an HVAC company! Other accolades of ours include:

  • We were named a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. This is a title given by Bryant claiming our sufficiency and excellence in installing and operating their equipment.
  • We employ NATE Technicians. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. This title ensures our employees are fully trained in a professional manner to work on all kinds of HVAC systems.
  • White Sands Cooling and Heating has been named the top HVAC experts of Pensacola and Pensacola Beach by multiple agencies over the last 20 years. We carry our reputation with high standards for our company and staff.

A/C or heat not working?

Our repairmen are on their way! We know what it is like to have an HVAC emergency—no one has time for a broken A/C on the hottest day of the summer. Happy customers keep our job moving smoothly, so we will do everything we can to get to your needs. Don’t let a unit run on broken parts—below are a few key characteristics of a failing unit.

  • Weakened air flow throughout the house
  • Inconsistent temperatures either in the whole house, or in individual rooms
  • Loud noises coming from the unit
  • Unusual smells in the circulating air
  • Excess dust accumulation in the home
  • A blank thermostat
  • A unit that is constantly running
  • A unit that won’t turn on, or cuts on and off randomly

These are tell-tale signs that you may need a second opinion to come diagnose the problem. Don’t hesitate—HVAC companies are busy year-round, and your unit will lose its efficiency if it is running under its optimal condition.

HVAC Maintenance Plans in Pensacola Beach

Want to take the extra step to peace of mind? Maintenance service is exactly that—we double check every part of the system, clean the dirty parts, and ensure the unit is running efficiently before you go to turn it on for the winter or the summer. If you aren’t using a maintenance service on your system each year, it is guaranteed to break down eventually. Maintenance is upkeep for the unit, just like your car needs serviced! Here are the details of our plan, Comfort Guard Maintenance, that you can sign up for:

  • Two checkups per year! They are spaced six months apart for when you are getting ready for new temperatures.
  • Preferred emergency scheduling. Becoming a maintenance customer of White Sands Cooling and Heating means you become at the top of our priority list.
  • Discounts on repairs and future services. 10% off any needed repairs and $100 per year towards your next system!
  • Warranty on drains and capacitors. These are the most commonly damage parts of a unit.
  • Each plan costs $20 a month. This is cheaper than constant repairs and service calls!

Become a White Sands Cooling and Heating Customer

All it takes is a call. We want to be there for you when you need us the most. Our services can benefit your home in a variety of ways throughout each season of the year. Whenever you are looking for a repair, second opinion, maintenance service, new unit, or just plain advice, call White Sands Cooling and Heating!