When it comes to regular HVAC maintenance, your A/C is a lot like your car. Therefore that is why HVAC Maintenance Plans are so important. Without maintenance, it will eventually STOP WORKING!

We all know that if you want to keep your AC system running its best, you keep the oil changed and you also keep up with scheduled maintenance. To keep your AC system running its best, it also needs a little regular maintenance; and that is what being a member of our Maintenance Club is all about. We keep your AC running its best and also give you peace of mind all year long. We are your #1 local HVAC maintenance company in Pensacola, FL and also the surrounding areas.

HVAC Maintenance Pensacola, FL
HVAC Maintenance Pensacola, FL

Wow! This is the best company around! Don’t call anyone else! The amount of time and effort their technician put into fixing my furnace issues is remarkable and was also incredibly well priced for the work they provided. They care about their customers and go above and beyond. Hobby was very polite and super helpful and resolved a furnace issue I’ve been having for months. He made sure we were taken care of. Two other companies failed to fix our problem and only provided temporary fixes and I paid more for that than I did for White Sands to correctly fix my issue. Don’t call anyone else!

HVAC Maintenance Pensacola, FL

Benefits of HVAC maintenance Services

A clean, well-maintained, and efficiently running air conditioner can have long-lasting benefits.

  •  Extend the life of your system
  •  Save you money on utility bills
  •  Reduce breakdowns

ComfortGuard Plan $20 Per Month

Systems that are not maintained can lose up to 50% of their performance, waste energy, and do not control humidity. Potential problems are spotted before they become major issues. We check and precisely tune your system to peak manufacturer specifications. These visits are designed to keep your system running at optimum performance by identifying small issues before they become big problems.

DrainGuard and CapacitorGuard Guarantee

  • Includes most common repairs: drains and capacitors.
  • If a drain or capacitor issue occurs you will not be charged for the repair.

HVAC System Check-ups

  • Up to 2 checks per year
  • Bryant Factory Authorized Technician
  • 50+ point system
  • No diagnostic fees
  • Up to 1 pound of R410A Refrigerant

Preferred Emergency Service Scheduling

  • Automatically puts you ahead of non-members appointments

Easy Payment Options

  • Automatic scheduling and maintenance renewal
  • Pay annually or monthly


  • 10% off all system repairs
  • $100/year accrual discount on replacement systems

ComfortGuard Memberships

  • Base Price: $20/month (first system)
  • Multiple Systems: Add $15/month per system
  • Raised System: Add $10/month per residence