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Mini-Split AC Repair

Mini-Split AC Repair by the Experts at White Sands 

Mini-split systems offer a number of advantages over conventional HVAC systems. When running at peak efficiency, these systems can control the temperature in individual rooms, heat and cool the home, and be an overall quiet and user-friendly home comfort system. But, like in any home cooling or heating system, those perks can become obsolete when there is a malfunction in the system.

White Sands Cooling & Heating offers repairs for ductless mini-split AC systems so you can continue reaping the benefits of an energy efficient system. Our company was founded in Pensacola way back in 1998, so we have nearly a quarter century’s worth of experience servicing a variety of HVAC system makes and models. 

White Sands Cooling & Heating is a Bryant-authorized dealer, so you can rest assured that our asystem installations come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information about mini-split systems, our installation process, or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, call us today.
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FAQ | Mini-Split Repair

Question: Can you replace mini split compressor?

Answer: Replacing a compressor is expensive and old air conditioners are more likely to need this replacement, so it's cheaper in the long run to get a new AC. Additionally, starting anew will save you power and money in the future as opposed to continuing to put funds into an obsolete system. https://www.energystar.gov/productfinder/product/certified-mini-split-air-conditioners/results

Question: How much does it cost to repair a mini-split?

Answer: Usually, repairing a ductless mini-split AC costs more than fixing other types of units. This is because ductless mini-splits don't require ductwork to cool a room; instead, repairs are typically made to other parts, such as the air handle or circuit board.

Question: Are mini-splits worth the money?

Answer: The answer is yes! By installing a mini-split system, you will reap many benefits that are unavailable with traditional central air systems. For example, your energy bills will be lower, installation is simpler and easier, plus you can heat AND cool areas of your home as needed. https://www.energystar.gov/products/ductless_heating_cooling

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